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Ethicality and setting fair standards.

August 26th, 2017|Comments Off on Ethicality and setting fair standards.

Using the finest quality temple hair we can confidently guarantee the source, [...]

Happy August!!

August 3rd, 2017|Comments Off on Happy August!!

Summer is well and truly here, Hair days are challenging when we [...]



My first visit to The Studio was so different to any other salon I have ever been to from start to finish! I felt it wasn’t about the salon, it was about me and my hair. The privacy and one to one service meant I was able to have 100% time spent on my hair. This salon is a Hidden Gem!

I was recommended to visit Jayne (The Studio) from a friend I work with after complaining about trying salon after salon and still being dissatisfied with my hair. All I can say is why did I not know about the studio before now? Jayne is no other than a personal stylist with fantastic ideas and teaching skills to show you the tricks of her trade!

Introducing Exclusive Liquid Fashion To You…

Jayne Jackson is excited to be one of the first salon's to shortly launch 'I.C.O.N', an innovative revolutionary hair product that works with natural hair, AS WELL as hair extensions.

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