Great Lengths 2020

Wishing all my clients a Happy 2020 New Year and if you are reading this page and not yet a client , I wish you too a Happy 2020 New Year and I hope you enjoy my website.

I AM SPILLING OVER with even more happy salon enthusiasm after finding out for yet another consecutive year, we are holding the Gold Salon Status taking us to the 10th year.

10th year with Gold Salon Status

TRANSFORMING YOUR CROWN AND GLORY and creating your great look whether it be length, thickness or simply giving you that youthful abundance of healthy hair, this would not be possible without working hand in hand with Great lengths .
A huge sincere thank you to all my clients for your trust in me looking after you and your hair for another year.

Why I only use Great Lengths you may ask?

My reason is a number of reasons

A number of reasons why I only use Great lengths in my own words,

As a hairdresser it is important to me that the products and equipment I choose to use, must work for me and my client and live up to what it says on the box. That is exactly what Great Lengths deliver for me. Not forgetting the quality of the hair, I could keep going on with enthusiasm, but I will wait until I meet you.

Thank you once again , stay tuned for my upcoming news and pics.

JJ xx

K Wilson


My extensions are part of my makeup, and I get to wear them 24/7 and I absolutely love them Jayne Jackson.

M Simms


After having hair extensions a year ago and adamant never again as I couldn’t manage them, and didn’t enjoy wearing them. However, I decided to visit The Studio and Jayne Jackson completely converted me into loving my hair once again, cannot imagine living without hair extensions!