Hair Extension Fill-ins by Jayne Jackson

Great Lengths Fill-Ins are an innovative solution for those struggling with thinning hair. Specifically designed to add volume and density, these hair extensions use high-quality, ethically sourced human hair to create a natural and seamless look. Unlike traditional extensions that focus on length, Fill-Ins are perfect for addressing thinning hair by targeting the scalp area to provide a fuller appearance that blends perfectly with your natural hair.

The application process involves attaching small, discreet bonds to individual strands of your hair, making the extensions virtually undetectable. This method allows for natural movement and styling, ensuring that your hair looks and feels authentic. The premium quality of the hair used in Great Lengths Fill-Ins ensures durability and the ability to wash, style, and even color the extensions just like your natural hair.

Ideal for individuals experiencing hair thinning due to genetics, medical conditions, or stress, Great Lengths Fill-Ins offer a versatile and personalized solution. Each set of extensions is customized to match the specific color, texture, and length of your hair, providing a natural and fuller look. With proper care, these extensions can last several months, making them a practical and long-lasting option for enhancing the volume and overall appearance of thinning hair.

Enhancing Hair Thickness After Pregnancy

Jayne has been looking after my hair for a number of years now. I usually have a cut and colour which keeps my hair looking tip top but after having my daughter I couldn’t help but notice how my hair had gone really thin and it was suffering with a lot of breakage.

I had a chat with Jayne about it and of course she knew how to fix it, she suggested a number of things for me to try alongside adding some Great Lengths Fill-in extensions as that would add instant thickness and volume to my hair.

As you can see in the pictures below, the Fill-ins that Jayne has added have made a remarkable difference. The extensions have definitely given me a more youthful look and an instant fix, no one would ever know that I have extensions in my hair.

After they were put in, Jayne gave me some tuition on how to look after them, it’s really not that difficult, they wash and dry really well and stay in place, they’re really quite easy to maintain.

Jayne has been working with Great Lengths extensions for over 10 years and has won the Great Lengths Gold Salon award a number of times.

I totally trust Jayne  100% with my hair and have never been disappointed with the outcome, thank you so much Jayne!