Questions & Answers

People  ask who and what type of person/character would wear extensions ?
Extensions can play a huge part to a persons look or feel good factor and even confidence boost, from fine hair to making hair thicker, or to make hair longer or to correct the bad hair cut.
Extensions are such a valuable tool to a hairdresser which enables us to add hair instead of waiting for the long timescales for it to grow.

Do you have to keep having hair extensions ?
No! However some clients do have repeat applications every four to five months, even six months depending on the reason.

What will my hair be like when extensions come out?
Much healthier and usually longer than before they were applied, as hair is always under stress to achieve a certain look e.g. volume or to hold a bend by constantly using hot irons /drying the hair out. With added hair you have the volume  24/7 and curl stays longer.

A happier kind of life…

I live for a happy kind life, and love to see the change I can make with someone’s hair to see their whole persona change and much more swishing going on with their crown and glory.

This client has fill in extensions, making her hair look much thicker as you can visibly see, hair extensions aren’t always about the length!

My personal testimonial is hair extensions are part of make up and wardrobe , but the difference is you wear them 24/7 I wear hair extensions myself and with or without make up or just a dress down day , my hair always looks healthy and youthful as reading this it goes without saying extensions are a big part of my life .



I decided to take a rest from having my longer length hair extensions till my summer holiday,
Jayne recommended making my hair thicker on the sides and filling the back of my hair too with hair extensions, she said it also would make my hair look healthier and she was 100% right. I absolutely love the thickness and the weight at the bottom.
thank-you Jayne.
Kayleigh xx



I have travelled to jayne jackson for a few years now for my hair extensions, and not only does she give me the look I want, she is a fabulous teacher in giving me lessons on how to style my hair in so many different looks, which I could never achieve without hair extensions . Luvvvvve you Hair Angel!
Amy xxxx