Summer is well and truly here, Hair days are challenging when we are on jolly holidays in the humidity.

So, I have been trying out some new ideas and I have been thinking about how to tame hair! This is one of them below:

As a fully dedicated extension stylist, making sure your own hair and extensions are fully dry help stop that big hair do.

Also, as a finishing product to achieve that beach look use Ocean Spritzer; my favourite is Wella and it is a fine spray. This product helps keep the humidity out and isn’t oil so won’t affect your bonds. I have extensions myself and I have tried and tested this.

The extension system I use is Great Lengths and I’m very proud to say that I am one of the top  salons in the UK out of over 1,500 salons, therefore I am passionate about giving the tried and tested advice.

I have had quite a few enquiries lately asking if extensions ruin your own hair! This seems to go in a trend usually when magazines write horror stories. These negative editors that don’t do their homework grate on my profession; I think I am correct in saying there are horror stories about all aspects of hairdressing.

I want to put the record straight once again about extensions:

  1. Make sure you have a good conversation with the hairdresser that is going to be working on your hair. Also, make sure you have a consultation and ask as many questions as needed and let the hairdresser know anything you think might be important about your own hair.
  2. If possible ask for a contact of someone they have applied hair extensions for. If that’s not possible check you feel comfortable and trust what information they have given you.
  3. When I meet a new client for the first time I like to ask them what ‘look’ they are trying to achieve with their hair. I then advise on the best route to take to achieve the look which may sometimes mean using hair extensions. This might not just be for length but can be used for volume too.
  4. Ask about the hair they use, Pleeeeeeze as this is where it can all end in upset!!! I hear time and time again these words ( well it was real hair ). If I had a £1 for every time I hear this! YES! it may be real hair, however it depends on what process that hair has been through, has the cuticle been removed? Dipped? how was the extension hair applied? I can go on about this but I don’t want to make it all too technical. The important matter is that this is the beginning of a unhappy client!
  5. Aftercare is important and as I say to my clients, most of the aftercare is really what you should be already doing with your own hair before you’ve had your hair extensions applied.
  6. Great hair! Happy client!

Jayne Jackson x